The Filter Gallery

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I: Filter Gallery

  1. The Filter Gallery is new to Photoshop CS.
  2. To open the Filter Gallery go to Filters > Filter Gallery. This opens the Filter Gallery Dialog window.
  3. The advantage to the Filter Gallery is that now you can create multiple sub-layers of filter effects.
  4. Filter Gallery dialog window with letters labeling each part of the window.

    1. Original image.
    2. Selection of all the Filters in Photoshop listed alphabetically.
    3. Specific options for each filter .
    4. Turn off or off the filter. In this example the filter Glowing Edges has been turned off .
    5. New filter sub-layer. These sub layers can be arranged in the stack the same way that main layers can be arranged. Click and drag a layer up or down on the layer stack. All the filter effects are actually being created on a single main layer outside of the Filter Gallery.
    6. Delete a filter layer.
    7. Magnification.
    8. Click OK to apply your filter(s) as a layer to your image.
  5. The filters that are selected are placed on sub-layers. These layers can also be re-arranged to create new combinations of the filters. Click on a sub-layer and drag it up or down on the layer stack.

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